EastEnders: who is Grant’s mystery Walford woman?

Is it Sharon? Or Kathy? Or Denise? Or Carmel? Or someone totally different...


EastEnders is lining up a new love interest for Grant Mitchell when he returns to Walford, but which lucky lady will be catching his eye?


The BBC1 soap is currently remaining tight-lipped about the identity of the mystery woman, but it never hurts to speculate, does it? And there’s certainly plenty of available (and not-so-available) candidates…

Top of the list would have to be Sharon, with whom Grant shared an electric moment the last time he was in town. OK, so she’s currently trying to be a source of support for husband Phil, but that’s never stopped her flitting between Mitchell brothers in the past, has it?


Then there’s Claudette, who seems to be inveigling her way back in to Albert Square life. She failed to snare Grant’s dad Eric back in the day, but will she put family feuding to one side and set her sights on his son?

Denise’s romance with Kush seems to be more than ‘won’t-they’ rather than ‘will-they’ at the moment – and perhaps a quick bunk-up with Grant will be the start of a new love triangle. Though I wouldn’t fancy even Grant’s chances if it came to a showdown with Kush!

Next week’s episodes will see Carmel decide to apply for the role of market inspector, while on the relationship front, she’s suggesting to Masood that they be ‘friends with benefits’. But if he balks at the idea, what are the chances that she ends up bedding Grant?

Kathy has to be a very likely candidate – after all, she and Grant are set have a heart to heart almost as soon as he arrives home. But will the thorny issue of some owed cash end up coming between them?


Belinda will be seen celebrating the opening of her new salon which – after a few last-minute hitches – turns out to be a roaring success. Could she end up having a fling with Grant after knocking back the champagne?

Now, she might be a rank outsider, but perhaps Grant and Babe might end up as E20’s latest power couple? He feels he’s owed cash, she has a knack for getting cash – if they joined forces, they’d surely be unstoppable? And some personal happiness might stop Babe being so bitter!

Finally, Honey looks like to be the picture of contentment following her reunion with Billy, but is she as happy as she seems? We’ve recently seen her turn to Jack for emotional support, so might Grant be swooping in to snatch Honey away from Billy?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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