Neighbours: Brad proposes to Lauren – plus Xanthe is trapped in a shed by the rogue snake!

8-12 August 2016: And Jack is devastated when Paige and Tyler go on a date


Monday 8 August


Susan’s comment about divorce triggers sad memories for Karl. Paige and Tyler’s tryst is exposed by Piper in front of everyone at Brad and Terese’s divorce party. Brad is taken by the urge to pop the question to Lauren. Paul discovers that Gary removed pertinent documents from Terese’s strategy file. 

Tuesday 9 August

Brad is crushed when Lauren says no and tells him that she does not want to get married again. Later that night, Lauren is clearly apprehensive when she receives a mystery visitor. Jack puts on a brave face when Tyler asks for his approval to date Paige. Paul tells Gary that he is going to destroy Terese and that Gary will be his number one foot soldier. 

Wednesday 10 August

Lauren is anxious not to let Ned’s return rock the boat while things with her and Brad are still out of kilter. Brad will not take no for an answer and sets out to propose the right way. Jack confesses his doubts about himself as a priest. Unaware of Jack’s uncertainty, Paige gets more involved with Tyler. 

Thursday 11 August

Brad struggles to deal with the news that Lauren kept Ned’s return from him. Jack helps a young girl discover her inner strength and takes comfort in his choice to recommit to the church. Ben and Xanthe tentatively reconnect, but after planning a date, Xanthe finds herself trapped in the shed by a snake. 


Friday 12 August

Piper saves Xanthe from the snake and the pair reconcile. Meanwhile, Ben is filled with anticipation waiting for Xanthe to arrive, but when it seems that she is not going to show up, he heads out with Alison to their film project. Terese confronts Paul when she discovers that Gary has decided to work for him.