Coronation Street: Samia Ghadie on Maria and Aidan’s one-night stand – “I’d love her to tell Eva”

Will Maria spill the beans about sleeping with Eva's fella?


Coronation Street actress Samia Ghadie has revealed that Maria will feel “used” in the wake of her surprise one-night stand with Aidan.


The pair look set to sleep together after experiencing problems in their respective relationships. Upcoming scenes will see Aidan get irritated by the speed with which Eva wants to accelerate their relationship, while Maria loses her temper with Luke after he makes an unfortunate blunder.

Seeking solace in each other’s company, Maria and Aidan find themselves getting stuck into the wine and reminiscing about their childhoods – all of which eventually leads to a surprise kiss on the sofa.


Says Ghadie of next week’s drama: “Aidan gives Maria a shoulder to cry on. Then they get chatting and realise that they’ve got lots to talk about and he starts to tell her that she’s funny and asks why they’ve never spoken like this before. He calls her beautiful and gives her a lot of charm, and she falls for it and they end up sleeping together!”

But will Maria and Aidan end up regretting their rash actions? “She hasn’t intentionally done it because Eva is her friend as well. She’s not set out to hurt anybody but she ends up in this situation before she’s even thought about it!

“Aidan went round to her flat with the best intentions but after a bottle of wine they were both a bit tipsy. Immediately afterwards they realise that what they’ve done is wrong, although Aidan seems to be regretting it more than Maria because he has more to lose.”


In the wake of the shock tryst, Maria will be seen dumping Luke as her attraction to Aidan starts to grow. But, as it soon transpires, Aidan is in no mood to put his life with Eva in jeopardy.

Adds Ghadie: “The next day, Maria sees him in the street and she’s smiling when she goes over to him. I think part of her is thinking he’s going to say let’s do it again, it was fun – but he doesn’t.

“He says it was a massive mistake and that they can’t let Eva know. Maria feels like a bit of a fool really, like he has used her. And she sort of likes him more than she realised that she did.”

So will Maria end up becoming so frustrated that she ends up telling Eva about what happened? “Aidan keeps telling her that they can’t tell Eva, and because she likes him she’s not going to tell her.

“Eva is really annoying her because she keeps going on about her perfect life and when Eva knows that Maria and Luke have split up, she’s in her face rubbing her relationship with Aidan in.

“Me personally, I’d love her to tell Eva – but I do think that Maria would be quite scared of telling Eva because they go boxing. That would be a fight and a half!”

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