Emmerdale: Cain kisses Charity – after walking out on Moira!

Actor Jeff Hordley reveals all about Cain's turbulent love life


Cain looks set to walk out on his marriage in next week’s Emmerdale – and end up back in the arms of Charity!


Yes, #Coira fans are sure to be heartbroken when Cain leaves Moira after discovering all about her attempts to get Holly off heroin.


But a dressed-to-kill Charity will be waiting in the wings and ready to pounce when she spies an opportunity to get her man.

On the topic of how Cain ends up in Charity’s arms, actor Jeff Hordley says: “Moira and Cain have been fractured for a while now because of Holly.

“But Cain feels hugely betrayed when he comes home from his work trip to find that he wasn’t told about any of the stuff with Holly’s addiction and that Moira’s been infected with a needle and that James has been helping them.

“That’s how he initially ends up at the pub and opening up to Charity. Cain says that he can’t trust Moira and that everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.

“Charity says that at least between the two of them there’s always been a kind of honesty. And that’s when we start to talk about things and the first kiss happens…”


But don’t expect the drama to end there – by Wednesday, Moira will be seen admitting to Cain that she should have told the truth, while Cain is now worrying that he’s the one who’s hiding a big secret.

But little do they know that Charity is stirring from the sidelines, hinting to James that she and Cain spent the night together!

And just as Cain is on the point of Moira over, James interrupts with the news that Cain stayed with Charity. Cain is furious and goes for James, especially when he realises that he knew about the HIV scare before him.

And by the end of the week, things have escalated further, with Cain trying to ram James off the road, little suspecting that Moira is also in the car.


So are we about to see the Cain Dingle of old rearing his head again?

“Yes, you do see flashes of the old Cain coming back,” says Hordley. “He sees red with James and he wants to give him a bit of a scare. He’s reverting to type because everything he loves is in danger of being lost. But then it goes wrong because he sees that Moira is in the car…”

To find out who makes it through in one piece, make sure you tune in when Emmerdale shows the stand-off on Thursday 4 August.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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