EastEnders: Vincent welcomes Claudette home – but will she cause fresh trouble?

Can Claudette keep her temper in check?


Vincent Hubbard is in a forgiving mood on next week’s EastEnders when he reaches out to mum Claudette and invites her round for a meal.


Claudette ended up being ostracised last year after admitting to killing Vincent’s dad back in 1981.

But the prospect of a family meal proves to be daunting for Claudette, with Donna soon noticing how nervous she is. Mind you, Kim is just as stressed at the thought of preparing food for so many people!

Scenes to be broadcast on Friday 5 August see Claudette arrive at the Hubbards’ for dinner and – impressed that she’s turned over a new leaf – Vincent decides to give his mum another chance.

But when Claudette later pays a visit to Pam, who reveals all about Babe’s malicious blackmailing, she struggles with keeping her word to Vincent.

Will Claudette keep her nose out of things – or is she set for another potentially deadly showdown?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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