EastEnders: Whitney reveals pregnancy news – but Lee doubts he can be a dad

And will Whitney find out about Lee sleeping with Abi?


Whitney is to break the news that she’s pregnant in next week’s episodes of EastEnders – but dad-to-be Lee starts to worry that he’s not yet ready for fatherhood.


In the run-up to Whitney telling Lee that she’s expecting his child, Linda will be seen being let in on the secret. But when Whitney then throws a romantic meal for her bemused boyfriend, it isn’t long before both Mick and Linda are hijacking the celebrations.

“Whitney thinks Lee’s really excited like her and he’s just a bit shocked,” says actress Shona McGarty. “But Whitney’s really excited, it’s what she’s always wanted. Whitney wants to give her baby a life she never had.”

Scenes to be broadcast on Friday 22 July then find Lee arranging a doctor’s appointment for Whitney and telling his family that they want to keep the news quiet for the time being.

But Lee will later be thrown a curveball when Lauren warns him that she knows all about his recent one-night stand with Abi!

And added pressure comes when Lee ends up overhearing Donna telling Kim that she’s putting her own baby plans on hold for the time being because she needs the dad to be fully committed.

All of which leaves Lee with big doubts about the upcoming addition to the Carter clan. Does he want the baby with Whitney? And would Whitney forgive Lee should she discover all about his infidelity?

“I dread to think what will happen. Whitney is quite forgiving – she always sees the good in people. But this is a big one, especially with the circumstances with her being pregnant and everything. Plus they’re engaged, so it’s not great timing,” says McGarty.

And is Whitney and Lee’s relationship strong enough to survive all this? “I hope so! All Whitney has ever wanted is a family. Linda has sort of taken Whitney on now as a little daughter, so she’s really excited and I think Whitney thinks she would be stupid to let it all go.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below


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