Home and Away: Hannah is killed off, while Dylan holds Ash hostage

20-24 June 2016: There's major drama in the Bay following an explosion at the caravan park


Monday 20 June


In the aftermath of the explosion, Roo lies unconscious in the debris, Maddy is trapped under a pylon, and there is no sign of Ricky. Meanwhile, the rescue team spot a limp hand in the rubble. Kat wrestles with the mystery of who killed Charlotte King. Irene invites a dangerous stranger into her house. 

Tuesday 21 June

Evelyn and her family are left reeling in the wake of Oscar’s death. Ricky suffers a life- changing complication during surgery. Andy’s guilt compels him to look after Tank, who has a breakdown after the accident. Hannah decides to go into work after the tragedy, but is she putting her health at risk? Kat closes in on Charlotte’s killer. 

Wednesday 22 June

Kat discovers the identity of Charlotte’s murderer and obtains a confession. News of another death ripples around the Bay and Evelyn becomes manic, unable to cope with the growing tragedy. Maddy receives a shocking diagnosis after the accident—her arm must be amputated, and if the doctors do not operate, her injury might be fatal. 

Thursday 23 June

Summer Bay reacts to the news of Hannah’s death. Roo convinces Maddy that the amputation is the only way to save her life. Chris breaks down over the news that the love of his life has died. Andy struggles
with his guilt over the part he played in the accident. Dylan beats Ash unconscious. 


Friday 24 June

Dylan holds Ash hostage and forces Kat into a final confrontation. Tank confesses to Skye that he is the reason why Oscar and Hannah are dead. Olivia becomes concerned over Irene’s whereabouts and goes to the police to report her missing. Doctors have some shocking news for Billie after she collapses.