Home and Away: Skye and Tank get close – plus Kat gets Dylan suspended from work

13-17 June 2016: And Billie is brutally attacked by a masked man at the gym


Monday 13 June


Kat tricks a judge into confessing that he was blackmailed by Dylan and presents the new evidence to the Superintendent, who announces that Dylan is suspended. Skye finds herself falling for Tank, despite his admission that he still loves Evie. Phoebe admits to Hannah that she is anxious about having Ash stay with them if she chooses to start dating again. 

Tuesday 14 June

Skye suggests that she and Tank keep hanging out, despite warnings from all of her friends that he is dangerous. After physically defending herself from Dylan, Kat hugs Ash to thank him for his support, but the pair can no longer deny their attraction and it leads to a kiss. Olivia is not coping well in the aftermath of her abortion and begins to self- harm again. 

Wednesday 15 June

Kat and Ash agree that their kiss was a one- off mistake. Billie sees Dylan working himself into a frenzy at the gym but is rebuffed when she asks him if he is okay. A short time later, Billie is assaulted by a masked man. Nate and Ricky squabble when Casey calls Nate “dada” for the first time. 

Thursday 16 June

Billie cannot bring herself to report her attack and tells Oscar that she is going away for a few days. Nate finds the text from Brax on Ricky’s phone. The hospital fundraiser is forced to change venue and Phoebe and Dom quarrel over the change of direction. 


Friday 17 June

Irene is unaware that a man is watching her. Olivia admits to Hunter that she has been self-harming. Andy and Tank fight outside the fundraiser and inadvertently break the gas canister attached to the food truck. As the MacGuire-Wilsons unite for a family photo, a massive explosion erupts.