Coronation Street: Pat Phelan WILL get his comeuppance – “The bad guys can’t win,” says Connor McIntyre

The actor has reassuring words for Corrie fans worried for Jason Grimshaw's welfare


Pat Phelan will come to Jason Grimshaw’s rescue when he disposes of the wrench that was used to kill Callum Logan. With the weapon currently stashed in the late Tony Stewart’s tool bag, Phelan will be seen stashing the items under the floorboards at the Nazirs’ before the police can get their hands on them.


But does Phelan really have Jason’s best interests at heart? Is he really intent on saving the day – or does he have ulterior motives? Here, actor Connor McIntyre lets us into the mind of the Street’s biggest schemer…

So, how has Phelan been dealing with Jason’s grief?
I think he’s been dealing with it very well – he doesn’t really care! In terms of what his goal is, although he likes Jason, none of this stuff is going to get in the way of what he wants to achieve. He can only view Jason’s grief as an opportunity. I’ve said it before, he’s psychopathic in the strictest sense of the word – no empathy, narcissistic, a lack of compassion. It’s all about him.

Does Phelan believe that Tony is the murderer?
It’s irrelevant for him, he honestly doesn’t care, but the situation has presented him with an opportunity. Once more into his lap has fallen a set of circumstances that will help him achieve what he wants to achieve. Happy days!

What does he think when Jason tells him where the murder weapon could be?
He thinks, ‘this is good news!’ Because again it comes down to having that leverage – information is power to him. And he lays the guilt trip on Jason.

Why does he decide to move the tool bag?
He does it ostensibly as a favour but again, it’s leverage. He can keep reminding Jason he owes him.

Is Jason grateful for Phelan’s help?
Yes. You would be, wouldn’t you? It’s a web that Phelan weaves. He’s really tricky.

Does Phelan genuinely care for Jason at all?
Yes, I think he does care for him but with that kind mentality, everything’s about the moment. The long term thing for Phelan is purely himself, but he has to remain plausible.

Will you miss Ryan Thomas?
Dreadfully. Coronation Street as a whole will be in tears when that young man goes. I’m very fond of him. It’s been a privilege working with him and if there has to be an exit storyline I’m pleased to be part of it.

Do you think Todd has the potential to bring Phelan down?
I think there’s a few people with the potential to bring Phelan down, including Todd. There are several contenders – he’s upset quite a few people. Maybe Todd’s too obvious? Maybe Norris or Roy would be interesting. When you see what undoes these characters it is that they generally overplay their hand. Or one of the threads unravels and the whole thing collapses around them.

Are you enjoying the Phelan-Todd conflict scenes?
I am, he’s a great actor is Bruno Langley. We try to make it as truthful as possible. It’s a delight.

Do fans still generally hate Phelan or have more pro-Phelan fans emerged over time?
People are engaged with the story. Woe betide you if you go near their favourite characters with bad intentions like Phelan does. They don’t like it. I’m getting the hate mail but there’s a bit of love there too. Generally it’s restricted to the character and it’s not personal.

You retweet lots of poems, fan art, memes etc that fans tweet you about Phelan – what’s been your favourite recently?
They are very creative, the fans out there. Someone tweeted recently that their great-aunt had asked them to write to Coronation Street suggesting that Pat Phelan be poisoned! That whole image is lovely. It’s a credit to the writers that they have created a villain like this.

Do you hope Phelan succeeds in his plans or would you like to see him get his comeuppance?
I’m not a fan of Pat Phelan – he reminds me of some duplicitous, machiavellian politicians and world leaders. He will tumble – the bad guys can’t win. And we can’t let them win in real life too.

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