Emilia Clarke admits she sometimes gets Dothraki wrong in Game of Thrones – but no-one can tell

But she can sing MMMBop in the fictional language, so we'll forgive her...


Ever wondered how accurate the Dothraki language is in Game of Thrones? When Daenerys is going head-to-head with an angry horse lord, are they actually saying anything or are they just making it up as they go along? 


Well, it is a real language with an actual vocabulary and structure. You can learn it in real life (RadioTimes.com’s Huw Fullerton has tried). But despite that, it turns out Emilia Clarke is sometimes making it up as she goes along anyway. 

“Yeah, maybe,” she laughed, speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “Maybe. Maybe recently, maybe in this season. I didn’t realise.”

Asked whether the directors yell ‘Cut’ when she gets it wrong, she replied: “They don’t know… no one knows.” 

Apparently her recent slip-up had something to do with singing Hanson’s MMMBop in Dothraki, which you’ll obviously want to hear for yourselves. Cue Clarke: 


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