Emmerdale twist: Ronnie is revealed to be Lawrence’s ex-lover – and NOT Chrissie’s father!

Actor John McArdle hopes viewers were surprised by tonight's turn of events


Emmerdale plumber Ronnie Hale has been revealed to be the ex-lover of Lawrence White – and not the father of his daughter Chrissie, as had previously been assumed.


Scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Ronnie accuse Lawrence of living a lie, reminding him that the two of them had been in love 30 years ago.

Being Lawrence’s “dirty little secret” had proven to be too much for Ronnie and he’d broken off the relationship three decades ago. But with Ronnie now back on the scene, it seems that Lawrence is in no mood to rekindle things between them.

“You’re nothing to me,” Lawrence stated clearly during tonight’s cliffhanger, leaving Ronnie in no uncertain terms as to how his former partner was feeling.


Speaking about the surprise twist, actor John McArdle – who plays Ronnie – said tonight: “They were in love. It wasn’t sordid – it was the real deal. But Ronnie did the right thing in moving on because he didn’t want to spoil someone’s marriage.

“Ronnie just wants Lawrence to be happy. Lawrence is in turmoil about his sexuality and Ronnie doesn’t want to push him.”

Adding that he hoped that viewers hadn’t seen the surprise turn of events coming, McArdle said: “We’ve led people down the garden path, by having this red herring about Ronnie possibly being Chrissie’s dad.

“And the best thing about continuing dramas and storylines like this are the surprises. I hope it hasn’t been obvious all along, although I know some people are very clever and will have read between the lines!”

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s Emmerdale below.


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