Home and Away: Kyle and Isla give in to temptation – plus Hannah struggles following surgery

2-6 May 2016: And Kat is drawn back into Dylan’s web


Monday 2 May


When Dylan brings Kat flowers and a dinner invitation, Phoebe deliberately invents clashing plans. After a tough conversation, Hannah admits that she is not quite ready to lose her breasts. Chris makes the perfect suggestion to help her through it. Ricky is worried that Kyle is in over his head with Isla. 

Tuesday 3 May

Chris’s devotion to Hannah grows as she prepares to undergo her double mastectomy. Meanwhile, Evelyn tries to keep her mind off Hannah’s surgery by cleaning the house to prepare for her recovery but admits to Josh that she is scared. A furious Harry turns up at Kyle’s place and tells him that Isla has kidnapped the girls. 

Wednesday 4 May

Hannah is visibly struggling with pain after coming out of surgery and begins to voice her regret at the decision to go under the knife. Phoebe and Ash butt heads over how best to run the garage. Kat finds herself drawn back into Dylan’s web and during a charged moment he kisses her. 

Thursday 5 May

Kat tells Dylan that their kiss was a mistake, but he insists that they are meant to be together. Leah cannot help but get her hopes up when Morag’s team discover evidence that will potentially clear Zac’s name. The DNA test results come back and Olivia has devastating news for Irene about Claire. 


Friday 6 May

Irene and Claire try to carry on as normal, but the dynamic is irrevocably changed and Claire decides to leave. The arrival of an old flame spells trouble for Hunter and Olivia. Oscar’s success with the ladies makes Skye jealous. Matt shocks Maddy by revealing that he has decided to quit university.