Neighbours: Ned Willis reunited with dad Brad – actor Ben Hall makes his debut

But Ned's appearance ended up heralding another death in the Willis family


Perth-born actor Ben Hall has made his Neighbours debut as Brad Willis’s errant son Ned.


Scenes just broadcast on Channel 5 saw Ned attempting to evacuate Doug from Lassiter’s following the explosion, having arrived in Erinsborough at his grandfather’s request.

But it’s fair to say that the family reunion didn’t go to plan: first Ned learned that his half-brother Josh had died as a result of his injuries, only for the Willis clan to be further rocked by the sudden death of Doug.

Speaking recently about taking on the role of the never-before-seen Ned (the son of Brad and his one-time love Beth Brennan), 23-year-old Hall said:

“Ned is a very complex character – he can be quite manipulative but he has had a bit to deal with and it’s really interesting how his story line pans out.”

Upcoming episodes will see whether Brad is able to bond with Ned, while his partner Lauren Turner will grow suspicious of the latest addition to Ramsay Street after noticing a striking tattoo on Ned’s torso.


Neighbours continues at 1.45 and 5.30pm tomorrow on Channel 5.