The Archers: will Rob murder Helen?

Show boss Sean O'Connor hints that events could well turn deadly


Sean O’Connor, editor of BBC Radio 4 soap The Archers, has hinted that Rob’s abuse of wife Helen could result in homicide.


Listeners have been gripped by the psychological and physical torment to which Helen has been subjected and now O’Connor has suggested that things could turn deadly.

Asked on Woman’s Hour as to whether Rob was capable of murder, the show boss said: “Maybe he is, yes, maybe he is capable of murder.”

O’Connor added that he isn’t one to shy away from more controversial plotlines: “The Archers is not a chocolate box storyline set in the 1950s. We’ve been doing hard-hitting storylines since the early times of the show.”

Actor Timothy Watson who plays abusive Rob Titchener on The Archers

The comments come following an interview with actor Timothy Watson in which he was quizzed about whether Rob caused the flood that devastated Ambridge last year and also did away with Berrow Farm worker Stefan after he voiced his suspicions.

Said Watson: “Did I murder Stefan? I might have. He’s certainly disappeared very suddenly. Some may think I’ve murdered him. I couldn’t possibly comment.

“Did I block the culvert to divert the flood water away from the dairy sheds and towards the village? Some think so. Stefan did. And he told David and Ruth Archer. But I’m not saying.”


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