Ten Coronation Street characters that could make a comeback

Who would you like to see return to Corrie?


New Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has plans to bring some of the soap’s familiar faces back, but who will be making a return?


Speaking recently to the Daily Star, Oates commented: “I’ve been tossing around a few ideas in my head about who will be back. There’s nothing I can really talk about yet. I’d need to talk to the writers first. Often you find yourselves thinking from the same place. You think along similar lines. And I’m sure that’s true when it comes to bringing back popular characters.”

But who would be your ideal Corrie returnees? We count down our Top 10 former Weatherfield faces that we’d like to see putting in a reappearance…

1. Toyah Battersby

There has been a lot of talk about bringing rowdy Les and Janice back to our screens, but a much better option would be to reintroduce Toyah, a brilliant character who was ill-served by a controversial rape plot during her original stint on the soap. Toyah often served as the conscience of the Street, so how about having her become a political sparring partner for Sally Webster, who – let’s face it – has a tough time coming up with credible policies? Perhaps she could even be accompanied by…

2. Spider Nugent

We know that Spider is currently doing charity work in Peru with his Auntie Emily, but surely he could be persuaded to fight the good fight back in his old neighbourhood once actress Eileen Derbyshire returns later this year? It’s hard to think of a better thorn in the side for Norris Cole – and hopefully Emily has one tree-climb left in her as well?

3. Brian Packham

The Street is in dire need of a buffoon. The know-it-all who has his pomposity pricked by those he secretly looks down upon. Leonard Swindley was the prototype, Fred Elliott his successor, but Corrie really missed a trick in not having bumbling Brian Packham stick around. Let’s have him reinstalled with dreams of a life with Julie shattered and his only consolation being regular fry-ups at Roy’s Rolls.

4. Peter Barlow

New producer Kate Oates should beg, steal, borrow or kill to get boozed-up Peter Barlow back where he belongs. His cameo appearance for Deirdre’s funeral just wasn’t enough and he really needs to return (preferably with an unsuitable floozy in tow) in order to make an inevitably pathetic attempt to sort out thuggish son Simon.

5. Adam Barlow

And speaking of brooding Barlow offspring – how about a return for Adam, last seen in 2007 and a likely choice for a classic soap head swap? Maybe this could be a chance to get an Aidan Turner-style hunk into Weatherfield…

6. Fiona Middleton

Ideally you’d want all of Steve McDonald’s ex-wives and girlfriends to turn up at once in a stretch limo, but the likeliest candidate for a return would be Fiona. She could be on her uppers and seeking help from Steve, perhaps accompanied by her now-teenaged son Morgan, who could set about breaking some hearts.

7. Curly Watts

AKA the Lodger’s lodger. Corrie has a proud tradition of ensconcing characters with no family ties onto the street. Eddie Yeats, Percy Sugden and latterly Sean Tully. But the archetypical paying guest has to be Norman ‘Curly’ Watts, who – as the new supermarket manager at Frescho – should take on Gemma from the kebab shop as a management trainee. Oh, and he should also move back in at No 9, turfing Luke Britton out in the process.

8. Martin Platt

Actor Sean Wilson may have carved out a new career as a cheese magnate, but it would be ideal to have Martin offer his family emotional support should Callum’s corpse be dug up from Gail’s manhole. We’ve only ever seen Martin and David together on screen during the latter’s pre-teen years. And David is definitely going to need a shoulder to cry on once Kylie makes her exit. He could also get back together with Gail, solely to stop her simpering after the wet weekend that is Michael Rodwell.

9. Maya Sharma

Dev Alahan has been a shopkeeper in search of a storyline for a while now, his tentative on-off relationship with Erica not really convincing anyone. So how about Maya resurfacing as a supposedly reformed character who will keep viewers as to whether she might flip and revert to her hostage-taking, corner-shop-detonating ways? A high-profile siege masterminded by a wild-eyed Maya might even be a way of getting rid of some dead wood.

10. Sylvia Goodwin

Roy is currently in Hastings looking after his battle-axe mum, who had broken both wrists while out line dancing. But what better treat for viewers would there be than having Sylvia accompany her son back to the cafe, where she could cast aspersions on Roy’s relationship with Cathy and spit venom at anyone who raised her hackles?

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