Next week on The Archers: Helen reaches a decision about her future, plus Pat and Tony get a late-night call

4-8 April 2016: And gossip is spreading about the Grundys


Helen has come to a decision about her future – and despite Kirsty questioning the wisdom of her friend’s thought processes, Helen presses ahead. She has made up her mind and nothing is going to change it.


News of the Lent money theft is going around the village. And, as gossip spreads, fingers begin to point in the direction of the Grundys.

Soul of discretion Susan is once again getting the wrong end of the stick and divulging more than she should at the worst possible moment.

Fallon (Joanna Van Kampen)

Pat and Tony receive a late-night phone call with news of a possible early arrival, all of which leads to the ever practical Kirsty springing into action. But when her skills are tested to the max, Tom attempts to come to her aid, unfortunately bringing up their troubled past in the process. Kirsty points out that guilt-tripping himself won’t help anyone, least of all her. Has he jeopardised their fragile truce?


Over at the Tea Room, Fallon is unprepared for a sudden rush of unwanted visitors – all coming from an unexpected source. And, finally, Peggy tests Tony’s patience but can’t understand why her behaviour is bothering him so much. Unusually for her, it’s Christine who comes up trumps with some words of wisdom of her own…