Home and Away: Brax leaves Summer Bay for the last time – but will Ricky go with him?

4-8 April 2016: Plus Dylan is determined to prove that Ash was the one who killed Charlotte


Monday 4 April


Ricky is filled with rage at Brax’s unexpected return. He explains that he knew Ricky and Casey would be safer if he pretended to be dead, but she tells him in no uncertain terms that she hates what he has done. Brax is sure that they can make it work, however, and when he asks Ricky to go on the run with him she has to decide between Brax or Nate. 

Tuesday 5 April

Ricky admits to Nate that Brax tried to kiss her, but tells him that she will always love Brax but not the way she loves Nate, and she still wants to spend her life with him. Ricky, Casey and Kyle bid Brax farewell as he drives away for good. Dylan sets out to prove that Ash killed Charlotte, and when he finds a hole in his alibi after interrogating Phoebe, he arrests Ash on suspicion of murder. 

Wednesday 6 April

Kat receives CCTV footage confirming Ash’s innocence on the night of the murder and Dylan is forced to release him. Phoebe asks Ash if he wants to get back together and the pair get their relationship back on track. Hannah and Andy admit that they have missed each other and kiss, before making their way to the bedroom. 

Thursday 7 April

After some soul-searching, Andy and Hannah come to the conclusion that they should just be friends. Roo, Maddy and Matt try to adjust to living under the same roof. John gets a call telling him that Marilyn has been in an accident. Evelyn is distraught when she discovers a lump in her breast. 


Friday 8 April

Leah, Zac and Oscar comfort Evie as she awaits her biopsy result. Olivia is upset when John asks Irene to let Skye stay with them while he is away. Roo agrees to treat Maddy and Matt as equals in their new home. Chris goes on his first date after Hannah but spoils it by talking about her the whole time.