Has Claudette left EastEnders for good?

"It wouldn’t be wise for Vincent and his family to relax for too long," a show insider tells RadioTimes.com


Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) may have kicked mum Claudette (Ellen Thomas) out of Walford, but don’t go thinking that we’ve seen the last of the murderous schemer.


Scenes just broadcast in tonight’s EastEnders double bill saw Vincent put his sister Donna (Lisa Hammond) in the picture about their mother’s crimes, namely the fact that she’d murdered Vincent’s dad Henry back in 1981 and sent Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb to his death over Christmas 2015.

Telling Claudette that she was no longer family, Vincent told her to leave London and that he’d set villainous Gavin Sullivan on her should she ever return. 

But as Claudette secretly said goodbye to her granddaughter Pearl, she was heard whispering, “Grandma’s got to go away, but she’ll be back real soon.”

Tonight, an EastEnders insider told RadioTimes.com that Vincent and Donna shouldn’t be under the impression that they’ve seen the last of their mum: “Claudette might have left the Square for now but with her vengeful streak, it wouldn’t be wise for Vincent and his family to relax for too long.”


And Richard Blackwood himself recently warned that Claudette would definitely be wanting revenge: “I doubt very highly that she will rest easy and let this slide,” said the star. “We all know that Claudette is a woman of low remorse. We saw her say that she considered Vincent’s dad to be dirt under her feet.”

So our advice to the Hubbard clan: keep watching out for any sight of a certain red dress and a woman with a killer glint in her eye!

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