Neighbours: Xanthe is thrilled when her idol Katherine Kelly Lang visits, plus Steph kisses Mark

21-25 March 2016: And Nene’s lies are exposed and she is forced to admit the truth


Monday 21 March


Imogen finally realises that she is committed to Daniel, but has her decision come too late? Amy cannot keep her secret any longer and tells Kyle about the letter from Georgia. Mark takes Charlie out in the police car, and when Steph comes around to thank him, one thing leads to another. 

Tuesday 22 March

Steph worries that Mark is uncomfortable that her last relationship was with a woman. A jealous Paige lashes out at Mark after seeing him with Charlie. Susan and Karl discover that Nene has impersonated Karl to cover for the fact that she was asked to leave her previous jobs. Tyler’s attempts to smooth things over between Daniel and Imogen fail. 

Wednesday 23 March

Amy tells Nene that she has to see a doctor to get medication. Piper orchestrates a Willis house dinner as a way of openly spending time with Brodie. Paige visits Steph to make amends after attacking her, but she is devastated to discover Mark there and finally realises that she has lost him for good. 

Thursday 24 March

Kyle is conflicted about letting Nene stay when he finds out what she did to Doug. Piper and Brodie are forced to come clean about theirrelationship.WhenTomhearsthata report on the Lassiter’s development was sent to Sonya’s office, he swaps a doctored copy with one on Aaron’s computer. 


Friday 25 March

Doug gives Paige a new perspective on love and heartbreak. Sheila pressures Xanthe to better herself when she learns that she is falling behind at school. A special guest checks in at Lassiter’s. Aaron confronts Tom when he discovers that the file on his computer was doctored.