Emmerdale: Michael Parr on Ross and Charity’s future – “They’d have sex just to annoy Cain!”

"There's obviously some chemistry between them," adds the actor


Charity Dingle is to blackmail Ross Barton into fleecing a high-class jewellers in next week’s Emmerdale – and actor Michael Parr is enjoying seeing Ross revert to his bad boy ways.


“Charity and Ross work well together and there’s a lot of money to be made and a lot of trouble to be caused,” says the soap star. “For the audience, it’d be much better to see them together.”

Upcoming episodes of the ITV soap will see Charity blackmail Ross for £50,000 after dropping the bombshell that she knows about him shooting Robert. 

True to form, Ross turns to crime as a way of getting himself out of the mess. “He has to do whatever Charity says,” Parr insists. “She’s the boss of him at the moment. He needs to raise a large amount of cash and is there anything more valuable in this world than diamonds? So Ross ends up robbing a very fancy jewellery shop.”


But Ross isn’t expecting his blackmailer to turn criminal cohort when Charity steps in to help him get away with his heist. And pretty soon, Charity is spying an opportunity for a more permanent business arrangement with Ross.

But could the two soon be mixing business with pleasure? “I don’t know. There’s obviously some chemistry between them. They’ve been there before and they’d probably have sex just to annoy Cain! We’ll have to wait and see where that one goes.”

And is Parr happy to see Ross walking a dangerous path again? After all, he was starting to become a responsible father figure after bonding with his and Charity’s son Moses. “Well, it was nice to have him settle down and do the family thing. But the audience knew it didn’t really suit him. So as long as he keeps being a good father, I like Ross being the naughty boy!”

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