Neighbours: Mark and Steph kiss, while the Willis family faces heartbreak

7-11 March 2016: Plus Aaron tries to find out the truth about Nate's silent return


Monday 7 March


Doug laments his recent dangerous behaviour and the family come to terms with the prospect of putting him into a home. Karl goes in to bat for Nene when she applies for a job at the hospital. Steph lets off steam with some old biker friends, who take umbrage with Paul when he orders them to leave. 

Tuesday 8 March

Desperate to distract herself from her custody problems, Steph kisses Mark. Terese confesses to Daniel that she and Paul shared a moment of passion during the heatwave. Susan is wary of Karl and Nene’s new friendship. Josh admits that he hates the idea of Doug living in a home. 

Wednesday 9 March

Sonya encourages Steph to make peace with Mark after their awkward kiss. Aaron is surprised to learn that Tom Quill’s attention towards him is not just business related, but when he tells Kyle how much he misses Nate he is in for a shock. Imogen struggles with the distance between herself and Daniel. 

Thursday 10 March

With her frustration growing at the lack of quality time with Daniel, Imogen is thrown when she has a sexy dream about Tyler. Aaron turns to Susan and Kyle for answers about Nate’s return. Xanthe and Piper compete for a job at Harold’s. Paige is finding life without Mark difficult and struggles to juggle all of her new responsibilities. 


Friday 11 March

Piper is stunned when an old client of Brad’s turns up, who is revealed to be the mysterious Chas. Imogen is troubled by her dream but things only get more complicated when a bike ride with Tyler takes a romantic turn. The Citizen of the Year launch goes horribly wrong when guests contract food poisioning.