Natalie Dormer on Game of Thrones series 6: you’ll see a new side to Margaery as she loses control

"It’s very liberating to play someone who’s losing their sh*t," says the actor as the Tyrell queen falls from grace


Margaery Tyrell had been playing the power game perfectly on Game of Thrones. She’s so savvy, she even gave arch-schemer Cersei a run for her money. But the last time we saw her in series five, Margaery was languishing in a dungeon in King’s Landing after being taken captive by religious fanatics the Faith.


And in an interview with Radio, Natalie Dormer, who plays the young queen, revealed that we’re going to see a very different side to her in the new series.

“In season six — when we finally get there at the end of April — what you see with Margaery is that the reigns have been taken away from her,” said Dormer, “so it’s like she’s not in charge of her destiny any more. And if she’s not in charge of her destiny how does she reclaim that power you see her wield for the first few years?”

We know from recently released photos that Margaery is still locked away and at the mercy of the self-effacing but steely High Sparrow and his followers. 

But Margaery is not the only member of the Tyrell family in serious trouble, Dormer reminds us, with her brother Loras arrested for his homosexuality, and Tyrell matriarch Lady Olenna left alone and vulnerable, despite her formidable nature.

“To see the Tyrells in that kind of jeopardy, to see them incarcerated like that and how they deal with that, I do think it’s a very interesting arc for them this season,” said Dormer. “It really shakes it up, King’s Landing has been completely shaken up this season.”

So Margaery will clearly be living a nightmare in series six — but acting out her fall from grace has been great fun for Dormer.

“I’ve had the gift of playing women who seem to be quite in control in recent years, whether its Cressida [Hunger Games] or Margaery or going back to Anne Boleyn [The Tudors], and it’s very liberating to play someone who’s losing their sh*t.”


Game of Thrones series six will air on Monday 25th April at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic, and Natalie Dormer’s new film The Forest is out on Friday 26th February