Neighbours: Lou is determined to give Doug a bucket list day to remember, plus Sonya cracks under the pressure after winning the mayoral election

22-26 February: And Tyler struggles to come to terms with having a live-in girlfriend


Monday 22 February


When Sonya wins the mayoral election, the demands for her time start flooding in before she is even at her desk, and she can tell that she is in for a rollercoaster ride. Steph is stunned when Charlie runs away to visit, but Lyn encourages her to make the most of the opportunity. Xanthe resorts to desperate measures in order to get some cash. 

Tuesday 23 February

Steph finds herself in a corner when Philippa arrives to take Charlie back. When Piper finds out that Bradʼs computer was stolen, she is faced with an impossible choice between her dad or her best friend. With Karlʼs help, Lou takes Doug on a bucket list extravaganza. 

Wednesday 24 February

When Sheila finds out that Xanthe stole her credit card to fund a party at Paulʼs motel, the pair get into a blazing row and Sheila suddenly collapses. Brad and Lauren struggle to come to terms with Dougʼs deteriorating condition. After seeing Xantheʼs struggles growing up without her mum, Steph is more determined than ever to fight for access to Charlie. 

Thursday 25 February

Sheila is embarrassed to learn that she had a panic attack, but decides to play weak and helpless in order to keep Xanthe close. After a hectic day, Sonya cracks under the pressure during her first mayoral speech and dissolves into tears. Lauren fears that Lou is putting his life at risk by trying to trek the Kokoda Track, and asks him to give up his dream. 


Friday 26 February

Sonya decides to hire an assistant to help guide her through any future political storms. Mark accuses Paige of vandalising Sonyaʼs nursery. Tyler confides in Imogen that Courtney is trying to control his life. The competition between Paul and Terese hots up and the pair find themselves locked together in a dark and steamy storeroom.