Coronation Street: will Tracy get her hands on the Bistro? Kate Ford interview

What will Nick decide to do when he gets a rival offer from Leanne?


Conniving Tracy Barlow is to turn the screw on Carla next week as she bids to get her hands on the Bistro. Tracy and Robert can only offer £90,000, which leaves them £10,000 of Nick’s asking price. And then comes Leanne with a rival offer that she’s secured thanks to cash from Deirdre’s trust fund for Simon.


But Tracy can always be counted on to be at her most devious when backed into a corner and pretty soon she’s blackmailing Carla for the £10,000 shortfall, saying that the truth about her infidelity will come out if she doesn’t pay up. So is Tracy going to emerge triumphant? Here, actress Kate Ford reveals all about what’s next:

Has Tracy really forgiven Robert for his one night stand with Carla?
She has forgiven Robert, but there’s no way she has forgiven Carla. She wants to be with Robert and is prepared to accept that it happened when they were on a break and that it was one night. She even heard him say to Carla that it was Tracy he wanted. But as far as Carla is concerned, it is something she has over her and that makes her very happy.

How does she think Robert would react if he knew she was blackmailing Carla?
She knows deep down that he would be furious, but she also feels she’s doing it for the right reasons. She wants him to be able to have his own business again, so she sees that as a justification.

How much is she enjoying having this control over Carla?
She loves it – the balance of power is with her and there is nothing that makes Tracy happier than being in control.

How happy would she be to see Carla leave for good?
Nothing would make her happier – she would be married to the local restaurateur and, in some ways, she would become Carla. She has coveted Carla’s life for a long time now. But I do wonder if there would be something missing from her life as she does seem to crave conflict.

How excited is she about possibly owning the Bistro – especially since her plan for the Rovers fell apart thanks to Carla?
Owning the Bistro is her driving force – she has the florists and that gives her more respectability than the pawn shop did, but owning the Bistro would really make Tracy and Robert a power couple. 

What goes through her head when Leanne makes an offer?
She is incredulous. She has gone to all the trouble of getting Carla to accept their lower offer of £90,000 and here is Leanne coming in with her offer. She knows that Nick would be more likely to let Leanne buy it and she is furious.

How does she feel to learn Leanne got the money from Ken?
She’s actually really upset about it. Ken has point blank refused to let Tracy have Amy’s part of the money left from Deirdre, so to discover he has done the opposite with Leanne is hurtful. 

Tracy demands £10k from Carla, but how far does she think she can push Carla before she refuses?
She’s willing to try anything – she feels she holds all the trump cards. She knows already that Carla has done what she’s asked so she’s confident she can win this round too.

How much do you enjoy the rivalry between Tracy and Carla?
It defines the characters now – it’s a rivalry like the one between Mike and Ken and it’s probably something that could go on forever if Ali King wasn’t leaving the show. It’s fun to do things that you’d never do in real life and the viewers seem to love the conflict.

What’s it like working with Alison King?
It’s great fun when you work with someone as long as we’ve done – there’s a real shorthand and the scenes seem to work well. We have been in some strange situations over the years – on the edge of cliffs, hanging upside in a mini bus, battling through a fire…It will seem quiet when she goes!

And would you like to see Tracy and Robert work out and maybe even film their wedding?
It would be interesting to see Tracy happy. Different but interesting. We’ll have to wait and see what the writers have in store for them!

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