Neighbours: Lyn finds out that Steph has gone into business with Paul, while Sonya faces off with Tim Collins

15-19 February 2016: Plus Josh confesses that he complained to the council about the motelʼs cleanliness


Monday 15 February


Lyn thinks Steph is making a huge mistake going into business with Paul and sets out to prove he is up to no good. When Kyle learns that Gary might be getting out of prison, he warns him to stay away from Xanthe. Imogen wonders what is going on at Lassiterʼs when Amanda asks for access to Toadieʼs office to do a survey for the Quill Group. 

Tuesday 16 February

Paulʼs plans hit a major hurdle when Brad finds out about Dougʼs investment and tears the cheque up. Terese finds a model for a Lassiterʼs expansion that would affect all of the local small business owners, but is ordered to keep quiet. Xanthe is confused when she learns that Gary sabotaged his own parole. 

Wednesday 17 February

Paul rallies the troops to clean up the motel when a health inspector appears. Josh admits that he was the one who complained to the council because he wanted to protect Doug. Terese rejects a planning application from Lauren to renovate Haroldʼs because she knows that it will be a waste of money, but Brad accuses her of being unprofessional. 

Thursday 18 February

Lou encourages Paige to apply to study fine arts at Eden Hills University. Sonya is upset that Tim Collinsʼ dirty political campaigning is impacting on Nellʼs life, and when she arrives late for a pre-election interview he can taste victory. When Timʼs car is vandalised after the debate, the finger of blame points at Sonya. 


Friday 19 February

Paige finds university tough going, but after a chance encounter with Mark she returns to class with renewed enthusiasm. Amy and Daniel are shocked when they discover a model of a second tower to be built at Lassiterʼs. Toadie fights to clear Sonyaʼs name and uncovers an unexpected culprit. The mayoral elections produce a surprising result.