Coronation Street: Rita is shocked by Jenny’s living conditions – watch the scene

But will Jenny accept the offer a life back on the Street?


Rita is to get a shock next week when she finds that Jenny is living in a squalid bedsit. Jenny – who has assured Rita that her life is back on track – will find her true conditions exposed after Rita tracks her down.


Actress Sally Ann Matthews, who is returning to the ITV soap next week, says of the scene: “The truth is she’s not in some swanky apartment – she’s living in this sort of hostel-type place with very basic accommodation.

“But Jenny is very grateful that she’s got a roof over her head – it’s a new beginning for her and that really is the way she sees it. She’s not feeling sorry for herself. She knows she has to restart somewhere.”

In the end, viewers will see Rita offering Jenny a lifeline by offering her shelter back on the Street: “Rita sees where Jenny is living and decides that she can’t live like this. It’s not the living conditions that Jenny’s in, it’s more about the people that are around her and the area she’s living in. Rita doesn’t think it’s safe,” adds the actress.

But what reaction will Jenny Bradley get when she returns to the neighbourhood?

Watch the scene from Wednesday’s episode below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all the drama from next week’s episodes.


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