Whitney becomes infatuated with Mick, reveals EastEnders star Danny Dyer – “I’m giving hope to middle-aged men with moobs”

But Dyer has reassuring words for fans worried that Mick might stray


Danny Dyer has revealed that EastEnders’s Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is to fall for Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter.


Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Walford star Dyer said: “I’m giving middle-aged men hope that a young woman like Whitney could look at a man with moobs in a sexual way.”


But those fearing that Whitney’s infatuation could tear the newly married Mick and Linda (Kellie Bright) apart can be reassured, with the NTA-nominated actor stating that the Carters are for keeps.

“It’s become obvious since before Christmas that Whitney has an eye for her prospective father in law. But we should have a bit of faith in love.

“Kellie and I have built up a love story that everyone would love to have. And why on earth would we have such a beautiful wedding for Mick and Linda only to then undo it?

“Whitney is a beautiful girl, but Mick only has eyes for his wife, who he loves with all his heart. It’s an odd, awkward situation. As viewers, we know about Whitney’s issues [she was abused by one-time stepfather Tony King], but Mick doesn’t. So the way it pans out is very interesting.”

The recent New Year’s Day episode of the BBC1 soap saw Mick finally marry Linda following a lakeside stand-off with villainous Dean Wicks. But despite the feel good nature of the wedding ceremony, it seems that more heartache lies ahead for the Carter clan.


“We’ve got some heavy stuff coming up that’s really going to test us as a family. We had a lovely quarter of an hour on screen with the wedding, so we’re going to get punished for that!

“What you’ll see will test our relationship. Not just the Whitney stuff, but lots of issues around the parenting of the children. That’s what’s going to come into play. Mick and Linda kicking off over certain things.”


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