EastEnders star Danny Dyer – It was the right decision to not kill Dean off

"Putting him in handcuffs and carting him off was definitely the right way to resolve the storyline," says the actor


EastEnders star Danny Dyer has praised recent EastEnders scenes that saw his character Mick Carter save the life of villainous brother Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).


Asked by RadioTimes.com about whether he was glad to see Mick choose to rescue the man who’d raped his wife, Dyer said:

“Absolutely. After all the pain and destruction that Dean had caused, you didn’t want to see him just drift off and drown. Nobody wanted to see him get off that easily. He had to suffer the consequences. So putting him in handcuffs and carting him off was definitely the right way to resolve the storyline.”


The recent New Year’s Day episode of the BBC1 soap saw the long-running story arc reach a climax as Mick battled with Dean in a lake on the day of his wedding to Linda.

Tense scenes saw Dean resuscitated and then led away by the police before Mick finally wed his bride. Speaking about other options as to how the plotline might have panned out, NTA-nominated Dyer added:

“Dean could have died. He’s an evil character, so his demise would – in a way – have been justice. He raped Linda, he tried to kill Shirley, he tried to burn the Vic down – the list goes on and on. But, as a character, Mick would never have witnessed Dean drowning without trying to save him.

“Mick’s an amazing human being. He knows Dean is a wrong’un in every way, but he’s also his brother. So it was right that Mick dragged him out and gave him some rubbish CPR! And I thought the writers did a beautiful job with that episode. Having Mick then go on and marry Linda was, in my opinion, the key to it.

“We could have ended it with Dean getting arrested and then the wedding not happening. But I’m proud that we got the happy doof-doof. I think it went down well with the viewers.”

The two New Year’s Day episodes of EastEnders got consolidated ratings of 8.02 million and 9.40 million viewers, respectively.


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