Coronation Street star Connor McIntyre on Pat Phelan’s return – Anna’s worst nightmare is back!

He may be on his uppers, but is a penniless Phelan still as devious as ever?


A penniless Pat Phelan will return to Coronation Street next week – and will get a job working for Anna’s new love interest Kevin.


Lecherous Phelan – who once blackmailed Anna into sleeping with him – will find employment working as a labourer for Kev. But will soon find time to call upon Anna to suggest that they strike a deal.

Anna is naturally keen that Kevin doesn’t find out about past sins, but will the secret be able to stay buried? And what are Phelan’s intentions now that he’s back on the scene? Here, actor Connor McIntyre reveals all about Corrie comeback…

So how has Phelan come to be back on the Street?
Phelan has been caught out getting up to his usual tricks, but this time in Dubai! He went there with his wife Val and made a load of money but it turned sour. So, his bad behaviour has brought him back to Weatherfield! Val has finally seen the light and ditched Phelan. And because everything was in Val’s name, Phelan is now totally broke – which is also a reason why he comes back. 

Does Kevin have any idea who Phelan is?
As it stands, when Phelan first arrives back, Kevin doesn’t have any clue who he is or what his history on the Street is. Phelan is banking on the fact that Anna won’t divulge the story to Kevin. Phelan thinks he has some handle on Anna’s moral compass – so he’s gambling that Anna will be too embarrassed or ashamed to tell Kevin about her history with Phelan. Phelan being his usual calculated self, he’s banking on her keeping that information to herself. 


Why would he want to come back? Is Anna anything to do with it?
Phelan is a predator and Anna happened to be the right tool for him to use to get what he wanted. It was all a power thing. So no, I don’t think his return is specific to Anna, but obviously he will encounter her and her family again – so we will have to see how he handles that. It’s not about the strongest or the fittest, but the most adaptable…and if Phelan is one thing, he’s adaptable. He has to adapt to his new situation of having no money and no work, so we will see how he handles that. 

Does he still think he has the upper hand over Anna?
Phelan is always looking for the advantage and the upper hand. The fact that Anna might not want to divulge the whole story to anyone is a huge advantage for Phelan. 

How does Anna react when she sees him?
Can you imagine? Fear. Rage. Her worst nightmare turning up just at the time when she’s starting to think things are finally looking up. Owen is no longer around either, so she’s got to face him on her own. 

Is he still a nasty piece of work?
I’m not sure. We know leopards can change their spots, but whether this one can will have to remain to be seen. 


Is he planning on ruining things between Kevin and Anna?
Phelan will want to ensure that whatever happens, Anna doesn’t get in the way of or disrupt his plans with Kevin. He will monitor that and keep an eye on it.

He sees potential with Kevin career wise and will be back into the wheeling and dealing and the business trade. So we will see whether he can prevent Anna from getting in the way of his success…Phelan is a very covetous character and nothing is ever enough for him. Every interaction is an opportunity for him.

What does he suggest he and Anna agree on?
He says to her that if she doesn’t cause him any trouble, he won’t cause her any trouble. He doesn’t want anything to rock the boat – he acknowledges to her that he’s back, but says he will keep out of her way if she keeps out of his.

He actually says something to her about not wanting a replay…he says he’s ‘been there and done that’. He says all of this the first time she sees him and she’s completely taken aback. All she can think to do is get behind the door as quickly as she can. 

Can Kevin trust him?
Kevin’s been around the block a bit, so there are no flies on him. He’s biding his time with Phelan – he thinks he seems OK. Kevin thinks Phelan has been fairly straight with him, so he can’t see there being any problems. So he’s giving Phelan the benefit of the doubt. 

Is anyone a match for Phelan?
Oh there are many matches for Phelan! There are some really strong characters on the Street who could give him a run for his money. But the trouble is, a lot of them do tend to give people the benefit of the doubt until you cross them. Then they’re on to you! 

What’s it like working with Debbie Rush [Anna} and Michael Le Vell [Kevin]?
It’s been great working with Debbie again and really great to be working with Mike and other members of the cast who I didn’t get chance to work with before. Last time I was here, Phelan was involved with an isolated group of people, whereas this time he will interact with many other people on the Street.


And are Corrie fans going to be shocked by Phelan’s behaviour this time around?
All I can say is that the writers have once againdone a wonderful job with Phelan. This guy is three-dimensional. I can only hope I do him justice. But the writers have created a lot of layers for him. Expect the unexpected from Phelan. 

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