Hollyoaks: Lindsey sets her sights on her next victim, plus Grace kisses Esther

28 December 2015-1 January 2016: And Darren confronts Nancy about the cancer leaflets he’s found - is she ill?


Monday 28 December


Despite recent tragedies, Robbie decides to host the annual Roscoes’ Boxing Day football match, but Lindsey is annoyed that it’s interrupted her time alone with Joe. Theresa on roller blades nearly crashes into Peri in the village and asks where Lockie is. Thinking he’d gone on the cruise with Porsche, Peri is suspicious about where her uncle could be… She goes to the Tugboat and is concerned when she finds a watch on the floor, surrounded by glass with blood on it.

Lindsey is delighted when Joe wants to spend more time with her and JJ but she is thwarted again by the unwanted return of a familiar face.

Zack’s stunned to discover that Theresa already knew about ‘Lisa’. Lisa tells Jade that she’s going to leave but as she’s getting into a taxi, Jade collapses.

Tuesday 29 December

Maxine, Sienna, Nico and Patrick are getting ready for the vow renewal next week and Patrick tells Maxine that he wants her to help him die straight after the ceremony. She refuses, so Sienna offers to do it instead, which is not part of Patrick’s plan.

Lindsey is feeling isolated from Joe and stages a break in at the Roscoes’ – Joe rushes to her rescue.

Lisa and Zack visit Jade in hospital. Zack takes Lisa back to the Lovedays’ and covers her with a blanket when she falls asleep. He moves in to kiss her – does he have feelings for Lisa?

Alfie asks Nico to help him find out more about his real parents using half a castanet that was left in his blanket as a baby. Elsewhere, Dirk invites Tony and Louis to The Emporium to sample his home brew. Tony finds the other half of Alfie’s castanet at the shop, which had belonged to Cindy. He gives it to Alfie, who immediately thinks Tony must be his real dad…

Wednesday 30 December

Alfie gets a kitchen job at The Hutch and tells Tom that he’s going to get some of Tony’s DNA to prove he’s his dad. Tom swipes a fork from Tony’s plate of food but there are two forks and one belongs to Mac after he sampled some of Tony’s cuisine. Tom gives one of the forks to Alfie, but whose DNA is on it, Mac’s or Tony’s?

Kim is shocked by her sister’s latest act but Lindsey urges her to keep quiet or someone is going to get hurt.

Lisa is heartbroken when Theresa emerges from Zack’s bedroom.

Maxine and Sienna try to act normal and go on a hen do but Sienna storms out when the conversation turns to Patrick. Sienna breaks down in Maxine’s arms so Maxine decides that she’ll help Patrick die. 

New Year’s Eve

Kim has confiscated Lindsey’s kill kit. Lindsey has found her kill kit and Kim panics at the thought of Lindsey going after her next victim…

Patrick is suspicious when Maxine comes home the next morning from a night drinking with Neeta, thinking she’s been with Darren. He records another message to be played after his death, but when baby Minnie accidentally plays the message on his laptop, Maxine is shocked by what she hears.

Meanwhile, it’s Tom’s 16th birthday but Esther has forgotten to make the cake. Grace tries to help but ends up talking about her love life while eating all the icing. Esther longs to tell Grace how she feels about her. Darren finds some leaflets about Cancer among Tom’s birthday cards and looks towards Nancy, is she ill? Esther shows Grace how she feels too and kisses her.

New Year’s Day


Lindsey and Joe kiss passionately but Joe comes to his senses and pushes her away. Elsewhere, Ellie is partying with friends at a nightclub in Brighton and sets her sights on a brooding stranger.