EastEnders: the secret of Stacey’s key is FINALLY revealed

Stacey learns that her dad had another family that he'd kept hidden


Stacey Branning was left slack-jawed with shock on tonight’s EastEnders after it was revealed that her dad Brian had a whole other family.


The bombshell finally solves the long-running mystery surrounding Stacey’s key, which was this evening shown to open a safety deposit box that belonged to Brian.

After being told by Jean that the box was being held at a local bank and that her name was on the list of those who could open it, Stacey set off to find out what was inside, despite her mum warning her that she’d “regret it”.

However, Stacey found that the safety deposit box was empty and headed back to Albert Square to get the truth out of Jean.

The cliffhanger moment then came when Jean finally confessed: “Your father – he had another family.”

Viewers can expect more major developments in tomorrow’s episode as further revelations come out. But will Stacey be able to get to the truth about the mysterious man who’s been on her tail since Halloween? And will Brian’s other family make their presence felt in the Square?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on EastEnders below.


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