EastEnders: Phil Mitchell to be involved in his FOURTH car crash this Christmas

It's a wonder anyone gets in a moving vehicle with him!


A word of warning to anyone in EastEnders – do not get into a car driven by a certain Mr Philip James Mitchell.


For this Christmas, the Walford hard man is to notch up his fourth car crash when the Range Rover he’s driving while drunk is involved in a woodland smash-up.

Inside the vehicle are Ian Beale (the second time he’s been in a car that’s been crashed by Phil) and Denny Rickman, while viewers will be left wondering whether all three will pull through in the aftermath of the collision.

Long-time fans of the BBC1 soap will recall that Phil is a liability on the road, with any vehicle he’s in likely to end up a write-off.

His first crash came when he shot up the dashboard of a car being steered by his brother Grant, which then careered into the River Thames.


Then came the plunge into the lake in 2007 with Ian, Ben and Peter on board a Range Rover that Phil was driving.