Think Donald Trump’s a political showman? Watch Frank Underwood’s presidential ad for House of Cards season 4

The Netflix drama returns 4th March 2016

Frank Underwood approves this message: House of Cards season four will return to Netflix on 4th March 2016.


The news broke during the Republican presidential debate in the United States in the form of a political ad for President Frank Underwood. Just in case the sight of Donald Trump grandstanding wasn’t enough to scare you off American politics.

“America, I’m only getting started,” he said. Sounds like a threat, Frank.

The ad came complete with a carefully planned political hashtag – nothing says ‘Vote for me’ like #FU2016 – and a spoof campaign website.

We’re only getting started. #FU2016 #HouseofCards

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One of the pictures featured on the sight includes Frank’s wife Claire – has she changed her mind and returned to the campaign trail with her husband? Or is this all a publicity cover-up?


The Netflix original starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright will be back for 13 new episodes from 4th March 2016.