Hollyoaks at Christmas: will John Paul and Ste reunite? And can Leela be saved from an explosion?

Plus Lisa kisses Zak and a war breaks out between Reenie and Porsche

Monday 21 December


Ste has spent the night asleep outside in the freezing cold after another binge. Ziggy and Celine find him and rush him to hospital. Celine tells Tegan that if Ste doesn’t start looking after himself, he could die…

Tegan is heartbroken when Ste confesses that he hasn’t been taking his medication – she can’t lose anyone else. Harry is alarmed to see how ill Ste looks and makes Ste promise not to take drugs again. Ste promises as long as they can be together. Angry Tony interrupts their moment but Harry wants to be with Ste and introduces his dad to his “boyfriend” but later, Ste’s arrested and Harry has to walk away.

Reenie gets a letter from Derek’s solicitor asking her to go to a will reading; she panics when Porsche gets one too. Meanwhile, Lockie wants to get Porsche back and later, Porsche finds the ripped up letter from Derek’s solicitor.

Cameron and Celine make up. Cameron is delighted when he finds a Christmas card from Peri that has been hand delivered. At The Dog, Celine and Tegan are on their work night out when Ziggy dressed as Santa turns up. He tells Tegan how much he loves her, but she wants nothing to do with him after finding him with Ellie. 

Tuesday 22 December

Lisa burns with jealousy when Theresa turns up at the Loveday’s in a sexy Christmas outfit. She tries to convince Zack that Theresa is using him for sex and he should be with someone else (her). Lisa admits to Jade that she loves Zack.

Porsche questions her mum about the letter and Lockie encourages Porsche to find out what Derek’s left her. They meet with a solicitor and Porsche is floored when she finds out Derek has left her a lot of money, but why?

Tony tells Ste he’s not fit to be with his son. Elsewhere, John Paul tells Reenie about his and Ste’s pact to meet on Christmas Day. Tony plants the seed to John Paul that Ste still loves him.

Celine is unnerved when she sees an angry side to Cameron. Leela wants to make her new flat feel like home for Peri, but it’s clear her daughter wants to go to their real home. Peri gets a text from Jade asking to meet up but when she arrives at Esther’s Magic Bean, Ziggy is waiting for her to convince her to come home. Peri runs off when Cameron also turns up. Leela arrives to collect Peri and tells Cameron that he’ll never she his daughter again, leaving him furious. 

Wednesday 23 December

John Paul goes to the Lomaxes and finds Ste still drunk on the sofa. Cameron spots Ziggy carrying a present wrapped in boyband paper and knows it’s for Peri, so decides to follow him… Leela reminisces when Ziggy arrives but she soon remembers why she’s angry with him. When he mentions Cameron, Leela says that as far as she’s concerned Peri doesn’t have a dad, unaware Cameron has heard everything. Leela is left alone when Peri goes to meet Tom.

Ziggy realises he’s forgotten to give Leela the present for Peri and turns back towards the flat. He wakes Leela up but she panics when she can smell gas. She rushes to the front door and realises she’s locked in. Ziggy tries desperately to kick down the door, will he save her in time? Elsewhere, John Paul asks Ste whether he’ll meet him at the archway tomorrow.

Lockie finds Porsche drinking at The Dog. Lockie suggests they go on a cruise, but Porsche thinks he’s just after the money and throws it in his face. Later, Porsche and Reenie have a fight in Price Slice and Reenie accidentally assaults the police officer who’s trying to separate them. She panics when she realises she’ll be sent straight back to prison.

Lisa decides that she’s going to tell Zack the truth if there’s any chance he loves her too. However, Zack tells Theresa he loves her and she agrees to give their relationship a proper go.

Christmas Eve

Lockie hears about the explosion and is concerned that Cameron had something to do with it. He tells Cameron to leave in the next two hours or he’s going to the police.

Harry can’t believe it when he gets accepted onto the football scholarship in California, but can he leave Ste?

The police burst into the McQueen’s looking for Reenie. She has been hiding in the wardrobe with Porsche, and Myra decides to lock them in the bedroom until they can get along. As their arguing continues, Myra asks John Paul whether he’s sure he wants to get back with Ste and he says he does.

In the bedroom, Reenie and Porsche soften towards each other. Reenie is resigned to the fact that she’ll be going back to prison, so Porsche suggests they go away together. Elsewhere, John Paul and Ste meet under the archway. John Paul gets down on one knee but is distracted by Ste looking at a shocked Harry. Meanwhile, Reenie and Porsche are packing. Porsche explains to Lockie that if he wants to be with her, he’ll have to take Reenie too and tells him to meet her in The Dog car park later.

Porsche, Reenie and the rest of the family assemble in the car park and the taxi arrives. Cleo tells her mum that she’s not strong enough without her, will Reenie leave her behind? Tony serves lunch at Diane’s flat/

Lisa is filled with guilt when Simone and Louis present her with every Christmas present they’ve bought since she went missing, while Zack is elated when he’s presented with some car keys. He heads straight over to the McQueen’s to see Theresa but she breaks up with him.


Zack is angry and gets in his car, he looks at his phone as it start to ring, hoping it’s Theresa but ends up crashing in to the City Wall. Lisa goes with ‘her brother’ to the Roscoe’s garage. Zack wishes that he could meet a girl like Lisa, so she kisses him and tells Zack she’s not the real Lisa…