EastEnders: Phil to kidnap Vincent’s daughter Pearl

The feud between the Mitchells and the Hubbards takes a new twist this Christmas

Tensions between the Mitchells and the Hubbards will reach breaking point this Christmas when Phil kidnaps baby Pearl.


Vincent and Kim’s daughter will become an unwitting pawn in the war between the two families in shock scenes to be broadcast on Monday 21 December.

The episode’s cliffhanger will see Phil barge his way into Vincent’s house, where Fatboy and Donna are babysitting the little girl. In a surprise move, the Mitchell  hard man snatches Pearl and makes off with her.

In a retaliatory move, Vincent storms over to the Mitchells with a gun to try and end things once and for all. But how far will Vincent go to protect his family.

EastEnders is promising that long-held secrets will come to light as Vincent and a drunken Phil come to blows.

Speaking about the tense scenes, actor Richard Blackwood said recently: “The feud between the Mitchells and the Hubbards is set to reach epic proportions. It’s been building for months and now so it’s going to reach breaking point.

“Phil is making things personal and goes for Vincent’s family and that is the one thing Vincent can’t take and it pushes him to his limits. 

“Vincent will do anything to protect his family and decides enough is enough. He’s no way going to let Phil get away with what he has done. He wants revenge.”

nYou can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on EastEnders below.


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