Neighbours: Paul and Steph are involved in a car crash, plus Lauren breaks things off with Brad

30th November-4 December 2015: Plus Shayʼs mysterious connection to a Ramsay Street resident is revealed

Monday 30 November


Steph concedes that Vanessa and Sonya are right to suspect that she is having a mental relapse. Instead of going to the police when he discovers a USB stick containing confidential information in Aaronʼs room, Paul sees a way to get him to do his dirty work. Lauren comes to a heartbreaking decision. 

Tuesday 1 December

Aaron is horrified when Paul reveals that he has been trying to drive Steph insane, for fear that she might take Jimmy. After a disastrous date, Kyle and Amy finally manage to get their feelings out in the open, which leads to a passionate encounter. The Willis family deal with the fallout of Laurenʼs decision. 

Wednesday 2 December

Sheila deduces what happened between Amy and Kyle and prompts them to address their situation. Amber and Josh bring Matilda home from the hospital. Imogen is surprised to see Daniel so wrapped up with his new career in real estate but is not impressed with his changing attitude towards money. 

Thursday 3 December

Amber and Josh face the realities of being parents after a shaky start which saw Josh accidentally roll on Matilda in his sleep. After dispelling the possibility of being pregnant, Paige fears that she and Mark want different things and that the baby question is an irreconcilable issue. Paul switches Stephʼs medication for psychotropic drugs. 


Friday 4 December

Paul is charged off the road while driving Steph to her doctor. Doug returns to Erins- borough to get his family back on track. Mark sees Paige with her grandfatherʼs commitment ring and misinterprets her intentions. Lauren gets a disturbing phone call—Lou is missing. Shay unearths an old photo of herself as a young girl with Terese.