Coronation Street: Nick and Carla’s relationship is “doomed”, says Ben Price

The pair look set to get engaged next week - but don't expect it to last!


Coronation Street actor Ben Price has admitted that Nick and Carla are set to break up, despite the fact that they get engaged in next week’s episodes of the ITV soap.


“As an actor, I have to play it like it’ll be fine. Of course it’s doomed – it’s a soap! But if I play it like it’s doomed, then it won’t work,” says Price. “I would like it to be a love story. No matter how bad or broken it gets in the end, I’d like it to be that they do love each other.”

As to how Nick and Carla will eventually break up, Price adds: “Maybe life will get in the way, maybe they’re too broken, who knows?

“Nick’s not the person he was since his brain injury. He’s short tempered, he’s not good with numbers, his family is messed up and he’s not got the immediate family he’s always wanted.

“Maybe life hasn’t turned out the way he thought and he carries that with him.”

Before what seems to be an inevitable parting, Carla will be seen proposing to Nick in next week’s episodes of Corrie. And although Carla’s surprise does initially put Nick on the back foot, Price is pleased that the scriptwriters are – at least for the meanwhile – pursuing the pairing of the two characters.

“I wanted it a while back. Not that I have any say – but I just think that they’re a natural fit. Two business people who’ve done quite well, but who are a bit lonely and broken.

“And I definitely wanted to work with Ali King again because it’s much easier to gravitate to people who you’ve got a long history with.”

And does Nick love Carla and envisage spending the rest of his life with her? “Yeah, he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but Carla’s not the easiest person to read at times. And Nick’s not completely goggle-eyed over marriage – he’s been engaged to Maria twice, he’s been there with Leanne and ended up sleeping with Kylie. So he just wants to take it slowly.”

Alison King, who plays Carla, is due to take a break from Coronation Street in May 2016. And her temporary exit is sure to come as a blow to fans who’d like to see the Underworld boss experience some happiness in her life. On the topic of how Corrie devotees have taken to Nick and Carla’s relationship, Ben Price adds:

“From what the kids tell me, they love it, apparently! People I’ve spoken to like the way the characters work together and I’ve heard that ‘Narla’ goes down very well on Twitter.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street here.


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