Home and Away: Billie desperately tries to save Kat’s life, while Roo goes on a date with James

14-18 September: Plus Charlotte and Andy decide to turn their fake relationship into a real one


Monday 14 September


Billie struggles to cope with a lack of friendly visitors and threatens to tell Ricky that Brax is still alive. Charlotte tells Andy that she thinks they should stop pretending and the pair kiss, just as Hannah walks by. Hannah invites Kat and Phoebe to move in with her and Denny now that the twins are gone. 

Tuesday 15 September

Billie has run away from the hospital, but her burns need daily attention. Kat and Nate head out to look for her, as Ash tries not to fear the worst. Charlotte and Andy get hot and heavy, accidentally knocking Billieʼs letter behind the bookshelf. Ash refuses to give up, blaming himself for getting Billie in with the wrong crowd. Then Kat receives a call about a girl near the old lighthouse. 

Wednesday 16 September

After her rescue of Billie, Kat admits to Nate that she thought she was going to die. Zac tries to reason with the insurance company, to no avail. Alf insists that he and Leah are welcome to stay as long as they need. Ash tries to get through to Billie, telling her she is stronger than he ever was. When she admits that she did not start the fire, Ash realises that someone else did. 

Thursday 17 September

At the diner, Irene and Marilyn playfully tease Roo about James. Roo is worried about people talking, but Alf encourages her. After several false starts, James finally asks her to dinner. Leah and Zac reluctantly postpone their wedding over their financial worries, leading Leah to decide to sell her share of the diner. Everyone tries to persuade her otherwise, but she has made up her mind. 


Friday 18 September

Roo and Jamesʼs first date goes horribly, but after intervention from Irene and Marilyn, they realise they were just nervous and agree to try again. Josh snaps at Evie for disturbing his studying. She tells him it is not worth getting so stressed, and tells Matt and Maddy they will have the old Josh back in no time, not knowing that he is out buying drugs.