Neighbours: Nate is attacked, while Terese is forced to admit that she has an alcohol problem

7-11 September: Plus Toadie decides to sue for compensation, knowing it will be the end for Naomi. And Aaronʼs attempt to play matchmaker for Josh ends in disaster

Monday 7 September


Terese admits that she has a drinking problem, and Sonya recommends that she attend AA meetings. Toadie is stunned when he realises that he will not be back on his feet any time soon and rages at the injustice of his situation. Sheila cannot control her green-eyed monster when she sees Angie flirting with Russ. 

Tuesday 8 September

Toadie makes a tough decision and resolves to sue for compensation. Paul is reminded of how deep Naomiʼs feelings for Toadie ran and wonders if she is still in love with him. Ben is horrified when Karl proposes that they form a band together. Amber makes her first mistake in her new childcare career. 

Wednesday 9 September

Paul is humbled when Naomi tells him that she admires Toadie for being a good man. Aaron tries to play matchmaker for Josh but the night ends in disaster. Ben finally tells Karl that he does not want to play in their band, much to Karlʼs disappointment. 

Thursday 10 September

Kyle excitedly prepares for Georgiaʼs homecoming but the arrival of a stranger brings news that leaves him stunned. Aaron is confused about his feelings for Nate after he reveals that he was Aaronʼs saviour during the bar fight. Terese has a confrontation with her fellow AA members. Paul goes out of his way to prove his commitment to Amy. 


Friday 11 September

Kyle is devastated when Georgia arrives home and tells him that she has reservations about being married. Paige organises a girls-only camping trip to give Amber some breathing space, but when they arrive at the campsite they discover that Josh had the same idea. Aaron tries to bond with Nate during a Tai Chi lesson but things go horribly wrong.