Did you spot these Inspector Morse references in Endeavour?

Clues and puzzles worthy of the great man himself

Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour shares more with its parent series than its leading character (Shaun Evans in place of John Thaw) – in fact, the 1960s-set crime drama is littered with references to its predecessor. But how many have you spotted from our ten favourites?


1. Endeavour’s pathologist Dr Max DeBryn (James Bradshaw) also appears in early episodes of Inspector Morse, where he’s played by Peter Woodthorpe (right).

2. PC Jim Strange (Sean Rigby) eventually becomes Inspector Morse’s boss Superintendent Strange, as played in the original series by James Grout (right).

3. The journalist Dorothea Frazil (from Endeavour’s pilot) is played by John Thaw’s daughter Abigail. The name ‘D Frazil’ is actually a bit of a crossword clue of the type Morse was fond of– Frazil is a type of ice, so de-ice is to Thaw. Geddit?

4. Alexander Reece (Christopher Brandon) is an old college friend of Endeavour’s, who will later be seen being played by Barry Foster in the Inspector Morse episode The Last Enemy.

5. The original Jag, with the number plate 248 RPA, is seen in a car showroom in the Endeavour pilot.

6. At one point Endeavour is seen drinking ale made by Radford’s, which is the brewery that Inspector Morse later investigates in Ghost in the Machine.

7. When Morse and his colleagues are being driven into Oxford in the Endeavour pilot, you can hear In Paradisum from Faure’s Requiem on the soundtrack, which is the piece of music played when Inspector Morse keels over in the final episode The Remorseful Day.

8. In Endeavour, we see a flashback of Morse’s university girlfriend Wendy, or – as young Morse says she prefers to be called – “Susan”. This is the main story in the Inspector Morse episode Dead on Time, which features Susan Fallon, played by Joanna David.

9. In the Endeavour episode Trove, you see the don Matthew Copley Barnes (Jamie Parker, above), a character who would then crop up in the Inspector Morse episode The Infernal Serpent played by Geoffrey Palmer.

10. In the Endeavour episode Neverland, young Morse is told by DI Thursday (Roger Allam) to see out an Inspector McNutt as a replacement for when he retires. Inspector Morse fans know that McNutt will turn out to be Morse’s mentor – who is then bumped off in classic episode Masonic Mysteries.

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