**Spoiler warning for The Capture season 2**


There was a seismic development in the finale of The Capture season 2 when DCI Rachel Carey exposed Correction. The odds were stacked against her from the off but she outsmarted DSU Gemma Garland, CIA Section Chief Frank Napier and everyone else who stood in her way to shine a light on the widespread corruption at the heart of British national security and beyond.

Ben Chanan's series finds itself in an interesting position following that reveal but are there plans to continue the story?

Read on for everything you need to know about a potential third season of The Capture.

Will The Capture return for season 3?

There's been no word from the BBC on The Capture's future but lead actor Holliday Grainger wants to know what's next.

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Chatting exclusively to RadioTimes.com, she said that she'd be "really interested to know where Ben would take it", adding: "It goes on such a journey from the beginning, Carey and the plot. It goes on such a massive journey throughout season 2 that where we're left, the world and Correction as we leave it at the end, I want to know what happens next.

"So I'd love to watch season 3 for sure [laughs]. I'd love to know where Carey went."

Rachel stood next to Isaac outside the BBC holding a police radio
Holliday Grainger as DCI Rachel Carey and Paapa Essiedu as Isaac Turner. Heyday films/Laurence Cendrowicz

The first season arrived in September 2019, with season 2 debuting in August this year – which makes predicting when it could air tricky.

With productions now ticking along nicely following the peak of the pandemic, we'd hope to see it in 2023, and certainly no later than 2024. But first up, we need that all-important renewal.

Who could star in a potential third season of The Capture?

Gemma looking into the camera
Lia Williams as Gemma Garland. Heyday Films/Laurence Cendrowicz

Both seasons of the show have had a different target – Callum Turner's Shaun Emery followed by Paapa Essiedu's Isaac Turner – so season 3 will undoubtedly have a new guest star.

As for the original cast, there were a number of other faces who were also alive and kicking at the end of season 2:

  • Holliday Grainger as DCI Rachel Carey
  • Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart
  • Lia Williams as DSU Gemma Garland
  • Ron Perlman as CIA Section Chief Frank Napier
  • Ginny Holder as DI Nadia Latif
  • Nigel Lindsay as DSU Tom Kendricks

However, it should be noted that Danny Hart resigned ahead of the final moments of the season but he was complicit in Correction so may return again.

What could happen in The Capture season 3?

Rachel achieved the impossible in season 2 and brought Correction into the light via Khadija Khan's interview with a deepfake of Isaac Turner MP, which leaves its future, and all those connected to it, in an uncertain position.

What's the future of the covert operation following that Newsnight bombshell? And how will British national security be impacted?

Plus, will Shaun Emery finally have his name cleared following the Hannah Roberts case?

We'd also expect season 3 to delve into a fresh conspiracy, the details of which we couldn't possibly predict.

The Capture airs on BBC One and iPlayer. Looking for something to watch in the meantime? Check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Drama hub.


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