Would the machine gun used in the Breaking Bad finale actually work in real life? Mythbusters built one to find out…

Creator Vince Gilligan joined Mythbusters to see if Walter White's elaborate automatic weapon would really floor a room of meth-Nazis...


The greatest trick Breaking Bad ever pulled was convincing the world that it was a serious, gritty drama. This, after all, is the show that once had a man have half of his face blown off, only to stay standing for a sort of Wile E. Coyote drop to the ground. ‘That’s all folks!’  


Yet even by Breaking Bad’s hyper-real logic, there was a scene in its finale that seemed particularly far-fetched: Walter White, trapped by neo-Nazis, being rescued by a huge M60 machine gun – one that he had engineered to pop out of the trunk of his car and start firing in a perfectly lethal arc.

Nonsense, right? Well, American TV show Mythbusters (no prizes for guessing what they do) decided to put it to the test, building the elaborate contraption – more or less – the exact same way White did. 

Replacing the neo-Nazis with wood cut-outs, they then recreated the scene, positioning everything – the car, the gun, the victims, a cowering Walt – just how it was. They even invited Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan to come along and watch. Would his fiction translate into fact…?

Incredibly, yes. Much to Gilligan’s delight, the machine gun pops up and rips through the wooden Nazis just as it did in the show. It’s official: Breaking Bad is real. Or, at least, this part of it is. You see, this is not the first time Gilligan has got the Mythbuster treatment, but it is the first time he’s passed the Mythbuster test.

Previously, the show has tackled the scene in which White uses mercury fulminate – ie. magic, explosive dust – to escape from the hideout of Tuco. 

And also whether you can really get rid of bodies by dissolving them in a bathtub of acid.  


Both tests came back negative. Maybe it is time to re-think that meth business, after all.