Is Casualty going to kill off Charlie Fairhead?

The show stalwart is seen flatlining in a clip from next Saturday's episode


He’s been a staple part of the Holby ED since Casualty first began in 1986 – but is the medical drama about to do away with nurse Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson)?


When last we left Casualty on Sunday night, the wedding of Zoe and Max was thrown into chaos thanks to a fire and a shock explosion. Viewers were left fearing that both Zoe and Dylan had met their maker in the surprise cliffhanger, but the BBC has now released a promo for next Saturday’s episode that teases further drama.

Judging by the footage below – and beware there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead – it looks as though Charlie has been able to save Zoe’s life, while Dylan also appears to be alive and kicking.

But what’s this at the 32 second mark? Charlie is collapsing with what looks to be a heart attack, Connie is trying to shock him back into consciousness, while Rita is seen saying, “I think we’ve done everything we can”. With Lofty then tearfully lambasting Charlie for trying to be a hero, it APPEARS as though the big man has flatlined.


So could this possibly be the case? Will actor Derek Thompson not be around to celebrate Casualty’s 30th anniversary? Judge for yourself in the trailer below!