Coronation Street: Watch Paddy McGuinness guest star as a rubbish Bear Grylls

First look at the Take Me out presenter taking Weatherfield's finest into the great outdoors

Paddy McGuinness has already said his character in Coronation Street is a “poor man’s Bear Grylls” – but we didn’t realise how poor until we saw this first clip of Dougie in action.


The ‘survival expert’ comes to the rescue of Weatherfield’s bemused campers, complete with camo vest and crap mantras, such as, “You’ve got to nurture the flame like it’s a tiny bird with broken wings.” 

Tyrone isn’t impressed: “He’s a bit of a know-it-all”, he says.

The Take Me Out presenter may only be featuring in Corrie for six episodes, but he’s clearly going to have a big impact.

“He has a few showdowns,” McGuinness said. “There’s a conflict with Tyrone. Another one with Beth. He has a bit of a to-do with Chesney as well. In fact, he falls out with everyone!”


McGuinness’s episodes start from next Monday 17th August.