Coronation Street: Paddy McGuinness on newcomer Dougie – “He’s a poor man’s Bear Grylls and he falls out with everyone!”

The Take Me Out presenter will do a guest turn on Corrie next week


He may only be on Coronation Street for a week, but guest star Paddy McGuinness looks set to make a big impression when his character – survival expert Dougie Ryan – gets on the wrong side of some of the show’s most familiar faces.


“He has a few showdowns,” admits McGuinness. “There’s a conflict with Tyrone. Another one with Beth. He has a bit of a to-do with Chesney as well. In fact, he falls out with everyone!”

The Take Me Out star is to feature in a week of Corrie On Camping that sees the Dobbs and Tinkers have a holiday in the wilderness. But while the campsite in Wales is the ideal milieu for Dougie, it proves to be less so for Weatherfield’s finest.

“They’re all pitching a tent and Dougie just strides over and says, ‘stand back, everyone’. Nobody has a clue who he is – he just takes over and it all gets worse and worse throughout the episodes.

“He’s basically a poor man’s Bear Grylls. Tyrone, for instance, gets more and more worn down by Dougie By the end, he’s just like a shell because Dougie is overseeing everything!”

Luckily, it was a much more pleasurable experience behind the scenes for McGuinness, who relished the opportunity to do a couple of episodes on the ITV soap.

“I’ve always wanted to do Corrie,” he says, “And when they came to me with the character, I knew that I could really do something with it. They kind of wrote it for me, which is really flattering. And when the scripts came through, it’s the first time with any job that I haven’t felt the need to change anything. It’s been lovely to do.”

But does he feel that he missed out on the chance to walk down those famous cobbles? After all, his episodes take place out in the sticks rather than on the Street?

“No, not really. The scripts are really funny. I think Coronation Street has always had a rich vein of comedy running through it. But some of the stuff we’re doing in these six episodes is so outlandish, you probably wouldn’t be able to get away with it on the street. So, I quite like being out of it – it’s like our own little spin-off.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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