What fresh hell could befall the Platt family in Coronation Street’s big live episode?

Stars Jack P. Shepherd and Lucy Fallon have both hinted that the Corrie favourites will be heavily involved

If there’s one Coronation Street family who know a thing or two about dark times it’s the family Platt.


From car crashes to canal dashes, teenage births to failed death-faking fiascos, Gail, David, Sarah, Bethany – and poor gran Audrey Roberts – have provided Corrie viewers with more than their fair share of drama on the cobbles.

And, if David and Bethany are to be believed, that’s only the start of it.

Speaking in this week’s edition of Inside Soap, actress Lucy Fallon – who plays Sarah’s troubled teenage drug mule daughter Bethany – says there’s plenty more drama ahead for the youngest Platt.

“What’s coming up for Bethany is very intense” she teases. “Some really scary things are going to happen involving her and the Platts – and it’s quite a brave storyline, so I think viewers will definitely be surprised.”

Meanwhile, Jack P. Shepherd says Kylie and David’s battle with Callum for custody of Max will play a part in the storyline: “We’re gearing up for the live episode in September – there’s lots of action involving the Platts. It’s all building towards David being out for revenge.”

But what will this mean for the residents of 8 Coronation Street? Surely the Platts have faced every horror there is, right?

We’ve got a few wild theories ahead of September’s Street spectacular…

The gun Max finds comes back to haunt the family?

We all know the young lad’s due to find a firearm hidden in his room – could he do a Bobby Beale? Child killers are all the rage in soap land these days so it wouldn’t be too wild to think the age of Mad Max is looming now, would it?

Bethany, Sarah and Callum come to blows?

Viewers have already seen the wayward teen flirting with her mum’s dangerous fella and now that he has pictures of her acting as his drugs mule, who knows what he’s got planned for her and Sarah?

Tina O’Brien says Sarah’s due to see more of Callum’s dark side, so could the three finally come together for a sinister showdown on the big night?

Kylie and Max get caught in Callum and David’s crossfire?

We all know that David Platt’s showdowns tend to end in disaster, often with plenty of collateral damage. And if Callum Logan’s track record is anything to go by, innocent bystanders shouldn’t fancy their chances when he’s around.

Could Kylie end up suffering the consequences of her husband’s revenge plot against her ex? Or could Max face mortal peril when his dads go to war?

Michael meets his maker?

Who said all the Platt drama had to revolve around the young’uns? Gail and Michael have already had their fair share of drama and we know his ticker can be dodgy at the best of times. Could mother Platt lose another lover amid the high drama as ITV turns 60?

Of course, this is all just wild speculation on our part. Not even the cast are sure what to expect just yet.

Honestly, as Audrey would say, anything could happen on those hallowed cobbles – share your own theories in the comments below.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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