Emmerdale: who is going to get killed off?

Will it be Val, Alicia, Rachel, Paddy, Robert - or somebody else?


With the new Emmerdale summer trailer hinting that a character will be killed off over the coming months, we’re asking: just who is going to be meeting their maker?


Well, surely the likeliest candidates have to be those who have already announced their departure? So will Val Pollard be going out in a blaze of glory? Actress Charlie Hardwick has already stated that there’ll be hell to pay if Val’s exit is in any way HIV-related. So how about a shock accident that comes out of nowhere and leaves poor old Eric bereft?

Then there’s Rachel Breckle – currently at the centre of a tug of love for her son Archie. Actress Gemma Oaten is also off, so maybe dastardly Jai Sharma will escalate to murder and do away with the mother of his child. After all, he’s been making a fair few threats.

Val (Charlie Hardwick) with screen husband Eric (Chris Chittell)

But how about Alicia Metcalfe – prominent in the trailer but currently residing in Portugal. Will she return for Debbie and Pete’s wedding only to be cruelly killed off?

Then there are those who haven’t said that they’re going anywhere, but who appear to be under threat – at least where the Emmerdale plotlines are concerned.

Village vet Paddy Kirk has made an enemy of Robert Sugden, who has already resorted to desperate measures to get rid of Katie. After his brush with danger in the grain pit, will Paddy come to a fatal end? Or will Robert make good on his threat to harm Rhona and Leo?

David (Matthew Wolfenden) and Alicia (Natalie Anderson)

And what about Robert Sugden himself? All villains get their comeuppance at some point – and who knows what Andy would be capable of if he found out the truth about Katie’s demise?

But maybe Megan Macey will push things too far in her plan to get revenge on Jai. If he finds out about her scheming, then perhaps Jai will do something that he later regrets?

And let’s not forget that the promo does seem to include Ruby Haswell, a character who has hardly featured in current storylines and so could therefore be deemed expendable by the soap gods.

Paddy (Dominic Brunt) has made an enemy of Robert (Ryan Hawley)

However, with a love triangle already sizzling up the screen, surely the wedding between Debbie Dingle and Pete Barton is going to go horribly wrong? Glowering Ross Barton is looking vengeful in that trailer – just how far will the Dales bad boy go? Could he end up causing the death of the woman he loves? Or his own brother?

Watch the promo below and then offer up your own thoughts. Just which Emmerdale character is for the chop?


And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama in Emmerdale.