Hollyoaks: Phoebe’s funeral ends in a showdown, while Reenie goes missing

6-10 July: Plus Mercedes makes plans to have a termination


Monday 6 July


Pete is more determined to stick around than ever and goads Porsche. Pete grabs Porsche and her shirt comes undone, just as Reenie and Lockie come home.

Ben is in the woods with Carly, she’s had a drug problem and someone, Ashley, is after her. “Sarah” has been Carly’s code name, while she’s been hiding from Ashley. Meanwhile, Patrick maliciously teases Sienna about her misfortune with Ben and she storms out to see Dr S’Avage. He comforts Sienna but while she’s distracted, Dr S’Avage deletes a voicemail from Ben. 

Robbie is writing Phoebe’s eulogy. He goes in to Hollyoaks High, crying and Nancy comforts him. Robbie finds a box of Phoebe’s things in the garage and erupts in to a fit of rage.

Tuesday 7 July

Porsche runs in to Joe and gets a lift with him to Phoebe’s funeral. Meanwhile, Cleo can’t face the funeral so Pete offers to stay behind with her. Pete deliberately spills a drink over Cleo’s dress so she has to change. When she can’t reach the zip of her new dress, Pete offers to help but lingers a little too long…

At the funeral, Mercedes and Robbie lock horns with Joe when he turns up unannounced, while Reenie and Porsche clash over Pete. Differences aside, Phoebe’s funeral goes ahead and the McQueens stand united – but for how long? Later, Mercedes tries to soften Joe but he says sleeping with her was a mistake. Lockie questions Porsche about what happened with Pete last night and she slaps him when he doubts her. Porsche storms in to Phoebe’s wake. Everyone sides with Pete and Porsche storms out crying.

Nancy gets in Robbie’s car and they drive off. Nancy makes a move on Robbie and they kiss.

John Paul goes round to the Boarding House to see Lockie.

Wednesday 8 July

Porsche turns up to see Lockie and knows he’s been with someone. Reenie throws Porsche’s clothes out of the house, while Pete asks Cleo if she loves him. Reenie turns up at the school drunk and Harry tries to comfort embarrassed Cleo. Meanwhile, Porsche drinks her troubles away at The Dog. Cleo rings Pete for help but he uses her vulnerability to his advantage…

Nancy tries to tell Robbie they can’t carry on like this, while John Paul goes to meet Lockie.

Ziggy is pleasantly surprised when he goes to the garage to find three cars have been fixed by Freddie. 

Thursday 9 July

Lindsey spies Mercedes and Joe talking secretly and thinks they’re conspiring to go to the police about Phoebe’s murder. Freddie corners Mercedes forcing her to reveal that she’s pregnant with Joe’s baby. He realises that she wants to keep the baby and advises her not to make a hasty decision about whether to have a termination. Freddie confronts Joe about neglecting Mercedes.

Joe fumes and is determined to pull himself up on the physio bars to stand up to his brother. Freddie encourages Joe but Joe pushes himself too hard and collapses on the floor. Celine hurries in and Freddie’s scared at what he’s caused.

There are flowers and balloons on Nancy’s desk from Robbie. Elsewhere, Theresa plays golf in Patrick’s office in a bid to cheer him up and they end up kissing. Nancy walks in on them – busted!

Reenie can’t recall yesterday, she’s searching for more alcohol and Cleo locks her in the bedroom. Mother and daughter try to talk through their issues and Cleo promises to help her mum. However, when she goes back to her mum’s room, Reenie is missing. 

Friday 10 July

Lindsey spots Mercedes with an abortion flyer and encourages her to think things through properly. Lindsey doesn’t know Joe is the father. Mercedes gets in a taxi to the women’s clinic to have a termination.


Maxine launches her new business and Patrick tries to damage her reputation. Later, Patrick is worried about leaving Minnie with no money when he dies. Theresa suggests he de-frauds the school.