Neighbours: Tyler’s brother Aaron provides a Magic Mike-style show, while Paul berates Naomi

29 June-3 July: Plus Amber is devastated to learn that her baby has a congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Monday 29 June


Laurenʼs world will never be the same again after Brad reveals Mattʼs betrayal with Sharon Canning. Kyle loses his cool when Amy undermines him in front of a client on her first day on the job. Confused about his intentions, Nate reaches out to Alistair after their kiss but is shocked to discover that he is already in a relationship with a woman. 

Tuesday 30 June

Sharon admits responsibility when Lauren confronts her about Mattʼs infidelity, but she warns Lauren to be wary of Tereseʼs motives in withholding the truth. Tyler panics when Brennan asks him to set up a CCTV camera at the garage. Sheilaʼs raunchy bingo night heralds the arrival of another Brennan brother. 

Wednesday 1 July

Tyler is overjoyed that his middle brother, Aaron, has arrived in Erinsborough. Paul and Naomi come to a fresh understanding — Paul will control his mood swings and Naomi will stop interfering in his family affairs. Amber fears the worst when Karl spots something unusual during a routine ultrasound. 

Thursday 2 July

Amber, Josh and Daniel are distraught when Karl tells them that Amberʼs baby has a life- threatening congenital diaphragmatic hernia. When Tyler realises that his brother is single he tries to play matchmaker. It is clear that Paige still harbours hopes of reuniting her parents when she brings them together to plan her 21st birthday party. 

Friday 4 July


Josh resorts to selling illegal supplements in order to support Amber and the baby. Paul is delighted when Amy lets him babysit Jimmy while she is at work, but she is none too pleased when she returns to find him loaded with presents. Sheila wages war on Karl after she learns that he complained to the council about her use of exotic dancers at bingo.