Neighbours: Nate is kissed by the homophobic Alistair, while Paul meets his grandson

22-26 June: Plus Imogen is suspicious of the company that Josh is working for

Monday 22 June


Paige and Tylerʼs efforts to flush out the thief prove unsuccessful, and they unwittingly put Nate in danger. Susan is determined to prove her doubters wrong when she is told that she will never make it as a bartender. Josh struggles to find customers for his supplements. 

Tuesday 23 June

Brad accuses Terese of trying to set Lauren and Robin up. Paige confesses her feelings for Brennan and kisses him, but he rejects her. Daniel takes a trip to look for Amy and offers her a heartfelt plea. 

Wednesday 24 June

Paul is shocked to learn that Amy has a son, Jimmy, and he regrets not being there for his grandson. Paige thinks that Brad is not happy with Terese and tries to bring him and Lauren back together once again. Tylerʼs dependency on painkillers gets worse and he steals Karlʼs prescription pad to source more, but sparks fly when Kyle finds out what he has been up to. 

Thursday 25 June

When Jimmy goes missing, Amy and Sonya spend a frantic morning looking for him. Josh asks Imogen to help him sell supplements, but she thinks the company behind it is dodgy and decides to investigate. Toadie volunteers at the Beautification Project and gains an insight into how hard Kyleʼs is. 

Friday 26 June


Nate is nervous about his date with Brett, and is made even more uncomfortable when Alistair, who previously insulted him about being gay, makes an appearance. Brennan tries to reach out to Tyler in an effort to relieve the tension between then but the pair clash once again, and Brennan decides that it is time he called in reinforcements. Josh is fired after Imogenʼs interrogation of his colleague.